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Newborn Photography Pricing Guide (2023)

You’ve been eagerly anticipating your baby’s arrival for months. Congratulations! One way to preserve a baby’s newborn days is by taking the time for a professional portrait. However, as new parents, you probably have no idea where to start. You might be wondering “How much do newborn portrait photographs cost in Austin TX?” This article will give you a pricing guide to help you figure out the average prices for a newborn session.

Beginning photographers will benefit greatly because they will know what to charge for photography services. There are a lot of factors to consider when pricing your newborn photography and we’ll cover all the essentials in this guide plus more.

What Determines newborn photography pricing?

Newborn photography pricing - Zesty Orange Photography by Olesya Redina
newborn photography pricing – zesty orange photography by olesya redina

First and foremost, the experience of the newborn photographer

Generally, the price of a baby photographer is tied to their expertise. The more knowledgeable they are, the better you’re likely to find them at realizing your needs and delivering exceptional fine art portraits. This doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years of education and experience to reach this level.

Different from other austin tx photographers, these experts are trained on how to work with newborn baby carefully. They know how to safely keep them happy while still taking pictures with unique poses.

Engaging an inexperienced austin newborn session will result in your baby feeling discomfort and irritability, as well as your own. You may save a little money, but you will be sacrificing safety and quality.

It’s hard enough to get a baby to cooperate, especially when they are around someone unfamiliar to them. If you wouldn’t hand over your baby to a doctor with no experience, why would you do the same for a new photographer?

newborn baby photography austin - Zesty Orange Photography by Olesya Redina
newborn photography pricing – zesty orange photography by olesya redina

Professional Photographers Skills

To help beginners better understand the skills of a seasoned newborn photographer, let’s take a look at some commonalities and differences.

Professional photographer offering photography services should prepare the client beforehand for how long the newborn will take, and cost. They’ll answer all your questions about expectations, and everything else that will happen during your newborn session. With their help, you’ll be able to feel more at ease and know that the baby photographer shoot will go just as planned.

  • You may think it is obvious, however, a newborn photographer requires patience and dedication. At this baby milestone, your newborn baby doesn’t know what is expected of them. They just want to sleep.
  • However, a skilled photographer can handle a fussy baby’s behaviors by taking breaks when necessary. You are more likely to hire them as your nanny after seeing their patience and capability with babies.
  • You can’t have a successful austin newborn photography without including the siblings too. Seasoned photographers can take photos that include siblings from different age groups to create perfect portraits.

Like maternity photography, newborn photography sessions also require proper lighting. Skilled photographers in austin tx know how to position babies to capture adorable poses in the best light.

If you’ve ever tried to get a toddler to pose for a picture, you know it’s no simple matter. Now imagine getting a newborn baby to do the same. Would you even know where to start? Luckily, your experienced baby photographer will help your baby pose safely in adorable positions. Experienced baby photography uses its camera to capture photos as desired. A beginner will not be as savvy.

To be successful at newborn photography, one must have editing skills as well as photo-taking skills.

Photographers who specialize in newborn photography services in austin texas will typically cost more than inexperienced austin photographers. This is because they have put in the time, effort, and money to have these specialized skills.

Location for Austin Newborn Photography

People don’t realize that experienced photographers base their newborn photography package prices on the number of locations in austin texas. This means that you’ll pay extra fees should you wish to change locations for creating variety for your portraits.

Established austin newborn photographer charges $100 for every additional site. You’ll also pay more should you want a more elaborate studio setup consisting of props and professional lighting.

The seasoned austin newborn photography studio has gone to great lengths to set up their workspace – the cost of such a portrait studio can be as little as $250 a photo. However, that price point is the most expensive way to purchase images and image packages yield better cost per image.

Photography equipment is fragile, sensitive, and bulky. Choosing a location that requires the photographer to travel, prepare to pay more. Extra equipment is needed to stage the scene for the in Austin tx, so your final newborn photoshoot prices will go up. The further away the photographer has to travel to get to you, the more you’ll pay.

Insurance for an Austin newborn photography

If you’ve ever purchased a high-tech camera, then you know that it can be costly. Conversely, if you have no idea how much professional cameras cost, brace yourself because the numbers will surprise you.

Some of the best camera brands, such as Sony, Canon, and Nikon, range between $2000 and $6500. That said, it’s paramount that photographers have insurance for their cameras and equipment. General liability insurance can range between $250 to $500 annually.

In other areas like Canada, photographers have to pay as much as $800 annually for insurance. Given this expense, it is easier to understand why professional photographers austin texas generally needs to charge more to cover their costs.

Austin Newborn Photography session Time

Session time refers to the time your austin newborn photographer will spend capturing your newborn’s precious first moments. You can expect the time to range between 2 ½ up to 4 plus hours. The baby determines this time, not the photographer.

Some charge a flat rate, some charge separate prices for the studio and the number of photos purchased at the ordering appointment. Finally, some photographers only charge for the number of portraits purchased at the ordering appointment. An experienced photographer understands their overhead costs to make sensible margins.

Regardless of the selected package, most photographers will typically require a fee upfront to reserve your spot on their schedule. The rest is paid at the ordering appointment when you choose the images you love. The final cost depends on the number of images you want to purchase and how they will be displayed. The quotation your photographer shares with you is often one of the clear indicators of their experience. If they charge you $50 or less, they’re probably in the beginning stages of their photography career. An even kinder newbie can surprise you with a free photo to gain experience.

Needless to say, it’s the photographer’s prerogative to decide whether they’ll offer you free services or not. The standard rates you should expect to pay for a sitting can range from $200 to $300. However, if you’re interested in working with a high-end photographer, you should be willing to cough up $500 and above.

As mentioned, the higher the austin newborn photography prices, the more experienced the photographer. I don’t recommend leaving it to chance with a starting out photographer for safety reasons. A costly entails the photographer will also include using unique props and the incorporation of expensive photography gear.

Investment of an Austin newborn session photographer | Newborn Photography Pricing

To pay a premium insurance cover worth over $500 annually means that the equipment costs a pretty penny. As mentioned, some of the best cameras cost well over $2000. This is for the camera alone without the supporting accessories and equipment. These include tripods, lenses, lighting, batteries, data storage devices, backdrops, props, computers, editing software, etc

Newborn photography pricing - Zesty Orange Photography by Olesya Redina
newborn photography pricing – zesty orange photography by olesya redina

In addition to all these items, there are also intangible expenses. These include a business license, rent for studio space, transportation costs, website management, marketing expenses, and other numerous investments. None of these items are cheap: you can end up investing $10,000, if not more.

New austin newborn photographers often ignores certain expenses when starting a business. For example, professional photographers must have an all-in-one business setup.

This means that the studio should have photography equipment, a reliable means of transport, editing software, and utilities. That said, the photographer should also keep up with the ever-changing trends to stay on top of their game. This means they’ll need to continually update software, upgrade props, and replace old backdrops, among many other items.

Fine Art Editing

A professional photographer will not offer clients the images unedited. They will usually include retouching and visual enhancements. As mentioned, editing software doesn’t come cheap.

Software licenses for photographers often cost over $300 annually. On average, professional photographers can take over one hour editing an image from a newborn photography session. A new or inexperienced photographer to deliver a high-quality product could be challenging. Your bundle of joy and family deserve better.

Are High-Resolution Digital Images Cheaper?

Digital photography costs money – some photographers charge next to nothing and feel that they are saving money on printing. This thinking will cause you to go out of business. The truth is that a digital file does and should cost MORE!

Newborn photography pricing - Zesty Orange Photography by Olesya Redina
newborn photography pricing – zesty orange photography by olesya redina

One reason is the higher production costs of digital images, which must be spread across all orders. Even though some of these costs might not seem to be associated with all sessions, they all must be paid for by the session.

Aside from the overhead and fixed costs that come with running an austin newborn photography studio, consider how much you have to spend on camera upgrades; lenses; software; computers; lighting, etc. – and all of this hardware is not cheap.

When you sell a digital file, you are selling a license to the client with that file. A license allows the client to use the image as needed without paying additional royalties. Purchasing an 8”x10” print does not give them the right to go anywhere else to have that reproduced. Once the studio hands over the digital file, this prevents them from any future income and hinders their reputation of quality prints. This makes the cost of digital images higher.

Number of photos and products

Some austin texas fine art photographers charge their clients a fixed hourly rate, while others will charge for the number of photos purchased. Each option has pros and cons for the consumer, so it’s just a matter of preference.

Purchasing your prints from the photographer – as opposed to a commercial printing lab – is highly recommended. A professional photographer has equipment that’s optimized for printing high-quality photos on one hundred-year archival paper. This will almost always produce better quality work than an average photo lab.

That said, you must ask your photographer in advance what packages are available. It is also crucial to know if they’ll give you low-resolution images or HD. When it comes to printing, there are numerous options available. This, in turn, translates to varying newborn photography prices.

Whether you want small frames or life-sized canvases, the possibilities are limitless. If your demands are on the lower end of the scale, you should expect to pay as little as $500.

If your needs are reasonably extensive, you should expect to pay over $2500. However, if you’re pulling all the stops, you’ll be looking at newborn photoshoot prices of $3000 and above.

Tips for hiring newborn photography in austin

Before booking with a potential photographer, you’ll need first to scrutinize their portfolio. This will help you determine if their aesthetics and style agree with yours. Thanks to social media, this information is just a few clicks away.

  • Once you have found the photographer you like, ask them about what specialized training and safety practices they use when working with newborns. This is an important topic as the stability of your baby’s safety shouldn’t be left out. Events that could happen out of inexperience can be avoided if the photographer is using safe handling techniques.
  • Before hiring any family photographer, do your research. You can read reviews from previous customers to learn more about the quality of their work and feel confident that you will be satisfied with their services too.
  • Once satisfied, you can also inquire about package details. Check if they provide props, the expected product delivery time, etc. If the photographer has not insured their equipment, chances are they are not trustworthy. It also shows that they don’t value their customers. Like all your other business deals, follow your gut! Ask if they carry insurance for protection?
  • Last but not least, let’s not forget the much-needed contract. Remember, you will have to give them a fee deposit upfront, so make sure you’re confident with your agreement.
  • If you want to save a few dollars, there are ways to do that too. You can go with a junior photographer, but understand that decision comes with the risk of injury to the baby and a disappointing final product outcome.


As with any business transaction, you should check for specialized training in newborn posing safety, have a current insurance policy, and go through reviews to get more insight into photographers’ reputations. Do your due diligence before entrusting your newborn’s life to strangers.

Family photography austin should be a happy and memorable experience, which is why you want to keep your baby cozy and safe.

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newborn photography pricing – zesty orange photography by olesya redina

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