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What is your families photography style description? Do you want your family’s portraits to be timeless? To capture the love and joy of your growing family? Zesty Orange Photography by Olesya Redina is a professional photography studio which has over a decade of formal study in the arts, and she will produce fine art representations of your family that will last forever. With her formal training form age of ten to Pratt Institute of Fine Arts in New York, she can depict your portrait in any style, from classic Rembrandt to contemporary Warhol.

The equipment and software used to capture the photos

Olesya takes her client’s photographs using cutting-edge equipment. She photographs with a Sony a7 iii camera and lenses to obtain the greatest quality pictures possible. The images are then edited in Adobe applications like Lightroom and Photoshop, guaranteeing that your family’s portraits will be both lovely and timeless. For more information on equipment used by Olesya Click Here

How she uses light in their photos

Studio and natural light are both important to Olesya in order to capture the best possible portraits. She often uses studio light to control the environment and create a specific look for her clients, but she also takes advantage of natural light when it is available. This ensures that your family’s portraits will be beautiful no matter what style you choose.

What to wear for your photo session

With our complete portrait experience we take care of everything. You don’t have to worry about what to wear. We will guide you through the process and make sure that you look your best in your family’s portraits. You want to choose clothing that will look good in the photograph and make you feel comfortable. Solid colors are always a good choice, and avoid busy patterns or logos. If you’re not sure what to wear, Olesya can help you choose something that will look great in the picture.

The different types of family portraits available in Photography Style Description

There are many different types of family portraits that Zesty Orange Photography offers her clients. She can create traditional posed portraits, candid shots of your family enjoying themselves, or even photographs with a unique artistic twist. No matter what type of portrait you choose, she will work with you to make sure that you are happy with the final product.

To view some of the different types of family portraits Zesty Orange Photography has created, please Click Here

Zesty Orange Photography by Olesya Redina will illustrate the charm of your developing family: maternity, newborn and beyond with professionalism and style unmatched in the industry today. Capture this moment in history with beautiful fine art photography brought to you exclusively by Zesty Orange Photography!

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Photography Style Description
photography style description


Photography Style Description
photography style description


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